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How can we manage your property to minimise your bushfire risk?

The intensity and spread of a bushfire is largely influenced by weather conditions, topography and the condition of the vegetation around your property which becomes the bushfire fuel. As vegetation is the only factor you can influence, it is essential to understand your bushfire risk and determine the most effective ways to manage fuel loads to protect your property.

We offer tailored Fuel Management Plans for private residential properties, large parks and reserves and local government where we can assess your individual level of risk. As the CFS say, why risk it? We can identify the defendable space around your home and develop strategies and recommendations to manage vegetation to mitigate risk to your property and adjacent landholdings and improve your properties chances of surviving.

What does Fuel Load mean?

Bushfire fuel is live and dead vegetation such as leaves, twigs, bark, shrubs, grass, undergrowth and tall trees that build up on your property over time.

Bushfires can usually be safely controlled when they burn in low fuel areas however if not properly managed, high fuel loads surrounding your home or property can affect fire behaviour and make a bushfire extremely intense and difficult to control.

Recommended Fuel Management Plans:

  • Fuel load assessments
  • Vegetation type & management options
  • Potential fire behaviour
  • Tree trimming
  • Vegetation removal
  • Mowing/slashing
  • Prescribed burning planning
  • Prescribed burning (An efficient way to reduce the fuel load and bushfire threat on your property. From small piles of garden waste to large areas we can assist to plan and undertake the prescribed burning)

Why risk it? Minimise your bushfire risk before it's too late

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We also offer Vegetation Clearing Services

Our sister company Clearpath Vegetation specialises in large-scale vegetation and land clearing to maximise your land space and ensure your property is fire safe. Visit their website for more information about professional land clearing services for your property.

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