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Our mission is to assist the community for safer living in a bushfire prone environment

Who we are

SA Bushfire Solutions is a bushfire risk management company that offers services across South Australia to assist the community for safer living in a bushfire prone environment.

We work closely with many agencies and stakeholders including schools, federal, state and local government agencies, environmental groups, fire agencies, private residents and land owners, multi-national companies and the military to develop tailored bushfire survival, prevention and management plans.

We also offer a wide range of nationally accredited training units in Emergency Management through our partnership with Registered Training Organisation Fireground Leadership and Training.

Our experience

With over 22 years of experience working in the environmental and fire management industry, our team is dedicated to delivering professional bushfire management and planning services and are passionate about keeping communities safe.

Recognised both nationally and internationally for our extensive knowledge in all aspects of bushfire risk management, mitigation works and suppression operations, our specialist skills and knowledge enable us to provide the best possible solution to suit your individual requirements.

Environmental & Fire Management Industry - 22 years
Development & Delivery of Fire Management Plans - 22 years
Prescribed Burn & Mitigation Work - 22 years
Fuel Load Analysis - 22 years
Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) Reports - 12 years
Development & Implementation of Bushfire Survival Plans - 12 years
Bushfire Evacuation/Escape Plans - 12 years
Aviation Training - 12 years

Company founders

Brett Stephens


Sue-Ellen Bredl

Office & Accounts Manager

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