BAL Assessments

A measure of the severity of a building’s potential exposure to ember attack, radiant heat and direct flame contact in a bushfire event…

Property Risk Assessments

If your property is located in a bushfire prone area, it is essential to understand your bushfire risk. A well prepared home is more likely to survive…

Fuel Management Plans

Tailored plans that asses your level of risk and develop strategies to manage vegetation and improve your properties chance of survival…

Bushfire Survival Plans

If you live in a high bushfire risk area, developing a Bushfire Survival Plan is crucial to you, your family’s and your property’s safety and survival…

Are you prepared in case of a bushfire emergency?

SA Bushfire Solutions is a bushfire risk management company that offers services within South Australia to assist the community for safer living in a bushfire prone environment.

Bushfires are extremely unpredictable and pose an enormous risk to residents and communities. Good preparation and planning is crucial to minimising the devastating personal and financial effects they cause. We work with residents, commercial businesses and local government to develop tailored bushfire management and prevention plans. 

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Our skills & experience

With over 22 years of experience working in the environmental and fire management industry, our team is dedicated to delivering professional bushfire management and planning services and are passionate about keeping communities safe.

Recognised both nationally and internationally for our extensive knowledge in all aspects of bushfire risk management, mitigation works and suppression operations, our specialist skills and knowledge enable us to provide the best possible solution to suit your individual requirements.

Environmental & Fire Management Industry - 22 years
Development & Delivery of Fire Management Plans - 22 years
Prescribed Burn & Mitigation Work - 22 years
Fuel Load Analysis - 22 years
Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) Reports - 12 years
Development & Implementation of Bushfire Survival Plans - 12 years
Bushfire Evacuation/Escape Plans - 12 years
Aviation Training - 12 years

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SA Bushfire Solutions offer a ‘we come to you’ service where our bushfire experts will visit your property during a time that suits you to assess and discuss your specific requirements.

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