Property Assessments


This involves an onsite visit and inspection of the property to undertake a Bushfire risk assessment where we can:


  • assess the Bushfire Attack Level (BAL)
  • Identify and assess potential risks
  • Recommend improvements and works to be considered
  • Identify escape routes
  • Identify emergency vehicle access
  • Assess the construction of the house and building in accordance with the Australian Standards (AS3959) and the SA Ministers code for building in a bushfire prone area.


A written report will be provided following the assessment containing recommendations aimed at lowering the risk to your property. We will ensure that you gain a thorough understanding of the report to use for your future reference.


Pre-purchase Inspections


If you are considering buying a new house, the property should be assessed for bushfire risk.

Having an initial inspection of the property will assist you to understand the potential bushfire risk and you will be advised of existing legislative requirements. Identified risks may require costly hazard reduction works, or add significant costs to future building operations.


An inspection may inform you of potential costs if you are considering redevelopment or extensions in the future. Consumers should be aware of these potentially significant costs prior to committing to purchase.


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property inspection

knowing that your property purchase is well prepared in case of a bushfire emergency






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